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sandra + doug (beloved)

i get to call these two beautiful people friends. they are up for most any adventure, even one that involves being photographed by me while on crutches with my leg in a cast! they have had many highs and lows just in the years i have known them, but always come out smiling and strong on the […]

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sarah + brett = engaged

this lovely couple are getting married next january. brett actually organised this session as a surprise for sarah (so sweet, but in retrospect it could have ended badly!). he obviously knows her well, she was looking gorgeous and happy to be photographed (after laughing her head off at the whole thing!). i’m looking forward to […]

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marion (beloved)

i met marion when she used to make my coffee most mornings. she is french and has the most divine accent and calls everyone “dahling”. she is so gorgeous and fascinating to me that i asked to photograph her. i am totally in love with these images and marion’s eyes that speak so much. i have made […]

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alisha (beloved)

this is my gorgeous friend alisha. she likes owls and video games and chocolate and the colour red. we met at university, i’m not quite sure how, but it was in a multimedia class. thank god i did, because she was a great little director programmer and helped me all the time! she is now […]

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Wedding Photographer Bath - She’s lovely, great pictures

Kelly - This is simply beautiful, Lauren, what a gorgeous friend you have :)

Tracy - Beautifully captured Lauren!

Christine - she’s beautiful, and you’re amazing. love the waye! :)