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beaufort street festival 2011 – street booth

back in november i was part of the beaufort street festival. inspired by french artist fabien david, i stood on the street and took portraits of  festival-goers. they were then printed out and posted on a store front to create an ongoing installation throughout the day. i was asked by one of my subjects to […]

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vanessa bunce - Love it Lauren. Instantly can see the beaufort st culture!! well done

Meleah Farrell - Too cool for school Lauren! Love it!

sound of silence

last night i watched some of the coverage of the september 11 anniversary. ten years. paul simon was on my screen singing “the sound of silence”. i’ve never really noticed the words before… hello darkness, my old friend i’ve come to talk with you again because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I […]

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Lauren Waye - thank you darlin, that’s so sweet of you! :)xo

Meleah Farrell - I too saw the footage of Paul Simon singing this. Was so moving……
That’s what I love about your work Lauren – although your images may be silent, they speak volumes!
Love, love, love!

4 : the exhibition

so finally it is here… it seems like we have been planning for so long! this week is the opening of this collaboration between myself and kirsty aksentiew. in case you hadn’t heard, we travelled through america earlier this year and came back with lots to share. the exhibition is at kidogo in fremantle and runs […]

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sound of silence » lauren waye photographer: perth australia - […] realised that a number of the images i included in 4 : the exhibition were from right around the world trade centre site. we were there on our first day in new york and […]

Alisha - Way to go, Lauren. What I’ve seen looks awesome xxx