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a south african wedding

africa. my second home. one of my besties got married in january, and i made a quick trip to south africa to be a guest. i’ve known carol for about 18 years- i was always in awe of her coolness when i was young (and still now!). even though we might not see each other […]

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Jess - I will always be so grateful for your presence at this wedding, Lauren! I am in awe of YOU and the beautiful woman you have become…. (but I’ll ALWYAS be glad to”look after”… you!) I still marvel at the way we “found” each other…. and that it’s always SOOOOO good to be together, no matter how long the in-between gaps may be! I love you like one of my very own brood! And… as your surrogate MUM, I hope I’m allowed to say: “I’m incredibly proud of your breathtaking photography and your amazing perspective that shines through! Sheer Genius!!! Luvya!