should i post this image?

check out this awesome poster that i found by pia jane bijkerk and erin loechner (see their blogs about it here and here). the funkyass fonts are by yvette van boven. loving it.

this is a big issue for photographers (and other creatives), as we find our work used without credit all the time. it amazes me how little people know about copyright and ownership- and the internet deosn’t do us any favours with it’s anonimity and vastness. i have spent a lot of time trying to educate people about this. when i say to them “you’re stealing”  they say  “but i just right click and save images”. noooooo! if you are going to post someone else’s work you need to give them credit, don’t try and pass it off as your own. we work hard to create beautiful images- how would you like it if you did some sort of artwork and somebody else used it on their facebook page and made it look like their own? not cool.

hopefully these guidelines will help. ”is it mine?” means “did i create it?”. just beacuse you are in a photograph doesn’t mean you get to use it without credit.

peace out ;)

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