happy new year

i’m not a huge fan of new years eve. it’s one of those events with too much expectation surrounding it- heaven forbid should you not have a fabulous big night! it is also a reminder of another year down and another year older. i am trying very hard today to not be sad, but instead happy about all the exciting things that lie ahead. 2009 was actually a pretty good year with even more great friends made. and that is happiness right there!

a beautiful quote that i love is:

“lost, yesterday, somwhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. no reward is offered, for they are gone forever.” -Horace Mann

when put like that  i remember that i should be savouring the moment and taking it all in, instead of thinking of what has already been.

as i type this friends are arriving, drinks are being poured and red hot chilli peppers live at slane castle are playing (which will put a smile on my face EVERY time!). i hope everyone has a great evening, whatever you are doing and however uneventful it may be! may 2010 be full to the brim with love, joy and blessings.



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