amy c

meet amy. once upon a time she won my heart with the gift of a red hot chili peppers live in concert dvd. (yup, i’m easy). i think i loved her from that moment. we used to work together for another photographer, but after going our separate ways we discovered how many different links we actually have (for instance her brother is mike).

the girl is funny and smart and likes graffiti, coffee, rabbits, painted toes, travel and tattoos. she is also good at yoga too. actually, i think she’s awesome- her bendy-ness is kinda mind blowing to me. she has just moved to melbourne to pursue her yoga teaching, so if you are looking for a class check it out here. or even if you would just like a cool new friend who buys really great gifts…

she asked me to do some shots of her and what transpired over those two shoots was serious gorgeousness. these are just a few.

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