dallwallinu portraits

so for the last 3 years i’ve photographed a heap of dallwallinu weddings. my couples have either been from the area or related to/know someone there but they’ve all had their weddings elsewhere.  i thought i should finally go and visit the town itself- and did a few portrait shoots while i was there. i had a great time meeting new people (and i thought i knew everyone!) and exploring their properties. there were so many photos that i loved, here are just a few…

first up was the lovely manuel family. they took me out to a property they have that had masses of rusty old cars, tractors etc. perfect for photos!


how stunning are these girls and their blue eyes?! they just had to show me their new chicks.


we pulled out the party dresses and it all got a bit crazy.


heidi and geln were my second dalli wedding (by accident too- long story!) and they were kind enough to let me stay with them. these are their beautiful kids who were probably over me and my camera being in their faces the whole time. but how could i not with all this adorable cuteness?!


young ollie was finally smiling after we gave in and let him wear his boots.



i was a little obsessed with this pedal car!


meet gorgeous charlie and his sibling bump! congrats to the mills family- not long after this they welcomed harvey to the world.



i had a thing for this tree in the backyard?!


and the fantastic counsel family. we did a drive out to this old house which i was totally loving. however none of us were loving the flies…


these girls were the best models! for some reason all the other kids got tired of me?! not these- i think they just love to work it!


they were also loving playing in all the rubble (including the smashed glasss!). miss paige kept wanting to be a kangaroo in all the shots….


driving back to the carlhausen’s after the last shoot (and i didn’t even get lost!) as far as i could see were all these lights. i then realised there were fires all around- so i had to stop and take a couple of shots. it was so beautiful and peaceful.


thanks so much to everyone for making me feel so welcome and taking me around the district. extra love goes to the carlshausen’s for putting me up (or putting up with me?!). i can’t wait to come back up for some more photo action- when it’s green! xo

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