my first wedding = wilkes family

once upon a time, when i was a uni student, i met adelle. i was a photomedia major and my minor was multimedia. one of my classes was at night and somehow i met this girl who was a part time multimedia major. i really can’t remember how it went down (maybe we had to work together?!) but we became friends. (well actually i was using her for her multimedia genius!) she used to tell me about this guy at work that was after her. seems he was pretty persistent too! eventually she agreed to go out with him, and as they say, the rest is history! (and adelle and martin may need to clear up some of that history?!)

they were married only a few months after i graduated and they asked me to do their photos. now i had never shot a wedding before. i’d hardly even been to a wedding at this stage! i also never thought that i would become a wedding photographer. not because i didn’t like it but because i was TERRIFIED of stuffing up! they came over and looked through all my arty student work and said that they thought i could do it. i’m glad they had more faith in me than i did!

i agonised for the longest time beforehand- i was sooo nervous! i dragged my sister along to be my assistant (and moral support)- and off we went to the coolest ceremony on the tall ship leeuwin (love it!) with a few photos around fremantle before the reception. below are a couple of these shots, shot on film, scanned from prints. i had to resist the urge to photoshop them!


this was always one of my favourites


aren’t they pretty?!


now adelle and martin have two beautiful daughters.  adelle finally graduated (she was actually working full time while trying to study!) and has a web design business creative studio west (see, she was a good brain to pick back in uni!). i finally got to meet their girls a couple of months ago and take a few photos of them all. i had a great time even though the girls did not want to be tied to one spot for photos!



such a cute family!


i would like to thank adelle and martin for being my first and entrusting their special day to me! and of course asking me back again! you guys rock xo

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