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happy australia day

“australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free…” i spent my teens in africa, and south africa is like a second home to me. however i am always so grateful that i was fortunate enough to be born into this lucky and beautiful country.  today is australia day and i like to think that it […]

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happy new year

i’m not a huge fan of new years eve. it’s one of those events with too much expectation surrounding it- heaven forbid should you not have a fabulous big night! it is also a reminder of another year down and another year older. i am trying very hard today to not be sad, but instead happy about […]

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Kirsty - Thanks for an awesome night. I am the singstar champion.

clouds & words

i love clouds. i just cannot get enough of them and i have quite the collection of cloud photos. i love white clouds on blue skies and red clouds that look like they’re on fire. i love dark clouds with a sunlit rim and stripey thin clouds. it amazes me how many forms and colours […]

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kelly - oh my god!! you freak me out sometimes…not only the cloud thing…but the quotes!! i collect them too!! so hilarious!! no wonder i loike you!!! haa haa!!
and i totally agree….there is nothing like a great cloud, and wonderful cloud pictures!! you little enfj you!!