georgie + adrian = lucy

in my previous post i mentioned the wedding that i met katharine and scott at…. that wedding was of this gorgeous couple. since then georgie and adrian have become great friends, who are so generous and fun. georgie and i can gasbag for hours and adrian and i bond over our love of formula 1 (and our dislike of webber hahaha!).

lady lucy was due two days before my birthday and i had a good talking to her when she was still in situ about maybe making an appearance for my 30th! (sadly it wasn’t meant to be!) what a little spunk she is, a great poser and those eyes… adorable!

mr & mrs bud, thank you for your big hearts xo


we didn’t even discuss this, she just did it! ;) i would just like to point out that i crocheted the bow (which was kinda big for her head!)


lets not forget other family member grom who wanted some attention too…




Wedding Photographer Bath - Beautiful pictures, that baby has amazing eyes

Kelly Trow - Oh Lauren, what gorgeousness!! I too would like to put in an order forma red crochet bow, you are super clever. Miss Lucy is beautiful xx

kelly van Viersen - those beautiful eyes!! gorgeous lauren….red headband for me too?? lol

Lauren - red bow for me too please. and yes, she is just gorgeous, such a personality! great work twinnie. :)

Kirsty Aksentiew - Adoreable, I want a red bow headband :)

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